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Texas Tax Service provides the outsourced payroll services your business needs. We offer a completely computerized payroll system that computes payroll and payroll withholding tax for hourly, salaried, commission, contract, tip, and salary/coefficient employers, and accommodates plans for insurance, childcare, 401(k)s, and etc.

  • Prepare and maintain employee pay records, payroll withholding tax, and payroll data

We are one of the few who can handle all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and we work with employees in multiple states and localities.

  • Print payroll checks
  • Prepare quarterly payroll reports

*Form 941-Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return
*Form C-2-Texas Workforce Commission-Employer’s Quarterly Report

  • Prepares and prints

Form W-2:  Wage and Tax Statement for each employee
Form 1099:  Miscellaneous Income Statements
Form 940:  Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return